What do I do? My AdSense Account will not be closed?

What do I do? My AdSense Account will not be closed?


What do I do? My AdSense Account will not be closed?

Hello guys, I'm here with a new topic. This time, our topic is "Why YouTube AdSense gets BAN, what should we do to avoid being banned?", In general, the article will be on this. In the article, I will try to describe my own experiences and observations made from my local and foreign acquaintances. On our site, the number of members from the AdSense account is increasing day by day, and thanks to this issue, I aim to decrease this number to some extent. The article may be a little long, I wish you all patience in advance.

Since reading and understanding these questions will be much faster, if what you want to ask and learn is the answer to one of the questions, I do not want you to waste time reading the information on the subject. Time is important

Frequently Asked Questions

1- CPC is too high. Will Google close my account?
2- My click rate is very high; even 30% in the 40s. Will Google close my account?

- The answer to the first two questions is clear, if you do not click on your own ad, if you do not use any kind of bot or software, if you do not do anything against Google's terms of use, your account will not be closed. However, Google strictly monitors your account. (You can read the rest of the article to learn about the issues that lead to account monitoring.) 

3- Someone does not like me at all, keeps clicking my ads to annoy me. Will Google close my account?

- No, Google will only count them as invalid clicks if "someone other than you" clicks on ads, so clicks don't matter. If you still have such a doubt, I strongly recommend that you fill out this form https://support.google.com/adsense/#topic=3373519

4- I'm working on Niche, will Google close my account?

- "It depends on what we mean by working." The answer to this question will also be. Honestly, I say again, it will not be a problem unless there is any kind of fake click. But my personal experience in this regard, everything will be reviewing your case, such a Google (YouTube channel up to select everything in America from entering India) will always have every reason to fire you. For this reason, it is necessary to balance niche, spam, and original channels properly.

5- I am trying spam, will Google close my account?

- Do not create a channel with your AdSense affiliate e-mail address. If you have created and spamming, the danger is huge. Otherwise, the monetization of channels connected to AdSense can be turned off and opened by various methods; but there will be no problem with your main account.


When Does Google Follow Us?

When Does Google Follow Us?

Via bots ALWAYS.


1. When your click-through rate gets too high.
2. When your views get too big.
3. When your earnings go up a lot.
4. Excessive increase and decrease in CPC.
5. in boredom.

If you're not doing anything wrong, its okay for Google to track you, don't be afraid that your earnings have increased. In the forum, I have acquaintances who receive 20k payments with a single AdSense and have more than one AdSense. However, the number of people who do not do anything wrong on our site is really very few. So you have to be afraid,

let's share the processes that cause the closure of YouTube AdSense accounts the most.

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